Monday, January 24, 2011

We are Living One Vibrational Energy

As you travel this journey we call Life, I offer you a quick detour. On this path, you will discover that you possess within your body a Power that Dissolves Resentment and Rejection, Shame and Blame, Grief and Guilt. A Power that can HEAL all of Humanities Core Wounds. Humans have a Fundamental Belief that they Don't Deserve to be Loved. Love connects all things back to where it all began. Love brings with it Joy for your Heart and Peace for your Mind. This Power creates within each of us a Sense of Meaning and Purpose, it fills the Void of Darkness by Creating a feeling of Belonging to Something Bigger. Connection to this Power will not only Change your World but The World as we know it.
Love-Mastery unfolds as a Journey, not a Destination. It takes Time and Diligence. As you develop your Love Skills, you'll begin to live the Life you've been Searching for. The Essence of your Living Heart will be your Guiding Light along the Way. It will lead you to Experiences that will Test your Faith, Build your Character, and Transform the World. But you must first introduce your Mind to your Emotions, and your Body to your Spirit. Did you know that they don't know each other yet? They don't and this is the reason for all the Resistance to Releasing Unhealthy Habits.
To Attain Love-Mastery, it is essential to Invest your Time, Energy and Resources on the Things you can Control like Improving your Health, Developing your Divine Talents, and Acting from a Place of LOVE instead of reacting from a Place of Fear. Applying Love's Principles will Switch your Attention and Awareness to Appreciation and away from Lack, Pain, and Suffering. Thereby Creating More of What's Your's and Less of What's Not. The process of Lifting Up and Out of the Currents of Fear, Anger, Lust, Lies Requires Choice and Commitment, Trust and Strength, and a Deeper Spiritual Connection.
Understand how your Body has the intelligence to Heal itself and how every Cell is connected to your thoughts and those thoughts determine what you will experience each day.  Change your Motives and Become the Master of your Mind. Empower yourself by increasing your Awareness of Inner Guidance by Managing your Emotions. Restore your Divine Connection by Remembering you are Spirit living a Human Experience. Love-Mastery Require that we also Extend our Love to All other Living Beings including the Earth if we are to see Positive Changes in our Lives.
You've Mastered Pain, Suffering, and Lack now it's Time to Master your Original State of Vibration. Love

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